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Recharge Problems

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  • Recharge Problems

    Goodmorning guys

    I rarely post a thread on forum but i have to tell everybody what happened this time during the last beach event.

    I was participating in this event and was recharging using paysafe card. For the second time (it has happened before thats why im posting the thread) there was a recharging problem with the paysafe card. The first 2 days of the event i recharged 16k diamonds normally. The 3rd day i tried to recharge 4k diamonds to get the recharge reward of 20k diamonds recharge, but i got no diamonds. As a result, i couldnt get the recharge reward (which i remind you included moves in the beach event) and i had to spend 4k diamonds extra to buy them from hot events. Also the was the prismatic wheel event active, which means that i should have got 4 attempts on it. I sent urgent emails telling R2 about this problem but they didnt do anything resulting that the deadline passed and i lost all that i described above.

    I write this waiting to see how R2 will react and compensate me cause the last time exactly the same thing happened and their answer 2 days later was just to give me the paid diamonds and nothing more. Which ofcourse is unacceptable and basicaly is called robery.

    Sorry to bother but i had to inform you
    RipleY S8CapriveAmora

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    Same happends me always if i recharge ingame with paypal.
    first recharge i get within 10 minutes and second recharge not.
    Now if i want to recharge with paypal i go to matomy offer site and recharge there with paypal and i get it within seconds.
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      Hey yesterday i have recharded my acc with 500 diamonds by mobile phone and i dont have them not even now


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        Give me your ticket number, i'll forward it to concerned team.
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