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Totem Issues(Evolution)

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  • Totem Issues(Evolution)

    can anyone tell me if its true that you need 2 lvl 30 totems of the same kind to evolve from garnet to topaz, and then 2 lvl 40 topazs to ruby? so effectively meaning if i want to get a ruby totem i would need at least 4 totems at lvl 30 first

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    yea, pretty much :P thats why i have thrown totem out of any party planning. its on free fall
    League of Angels

    S94 Lonewind Forest
    Magus Rynd


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      well that pretty much puts me off now, thanx for letting me know


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        are you kidding me? I got on here just to see if what I was thinking was wrong and now im finding that I wasn't wrong at all, well that does suck! I was hurring to get to level 30 and now it doesn't even count! I have to do it again? that's crazy.


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          thats so dumb...thats more work and totem is already hard enough...


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            As usual it's designed for high levels not for those who need boosting.