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Tycoon Enchanting Stones From Shop

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  • Tycoon Enchanting Stones From Shop

    From the First screenshot, I have highlighted the section of the enchanting stone/enchanted ore of the tycoon and it's wording of its scoring, the 222 points that I had at the time, and the 902 enchanted ore I had.
    Click image for larger version

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    The next image shows me buying two Weapon Enchanting Stones from the shop, which was previously highlighted in the tycoons wording to count for the tycoon.
    Click image for larger version

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    In the Third image, I have emphasized the wording where it says from the shop counts, the fact that I still have 222 points there, and that I did indeed purchase two stones using two ore.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	tycoon enchant stones 3.jpg
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    In short, the bug in this matter is that the game itself tells us that obtaining enchanting stones from the shop will count, when in fact, it does not do so at all.
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    mm yeah seems they should count


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      Where in the screenshots provided did it show you obtained enchanted ores? It only shows that you used them...

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        if u read it is saying enchanted ores and enchanted stones and that the ones bought from shop count . he bought enchanted stones from shop but they aint adding any points


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          The only shop that you can buy enchant stones is that one and the only way you can buy 'em.. is by using enchant ores. So judging by what's written, AE86, it should count.
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            The category says Enchanted Ore as well as Enchanting Stones are supposed to be counted, the bug is using Ore to buy the Stones from the shop in the enchanting tab in the forge, which is the only shop it could be talking about as that is the only place that you can make that transaction, doesn't count.
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              Click image for larger version

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                Presumably it is referring to the enchanted ores you can (I think? don't remember) buy from the voucher shop. More Generally, my assumption is that the "from shops" only refers to Enchanted Ores.

                Having enchanting stones that you buy with enchanted ore count doesn't really make sense: First, it would kinda be double dipping to get ores from whatever, then spend the ores to buy stones for more points. Second, and more importantly, it would encourage people to save up all their enchanted ores from the month and convert them all during Tycoon for points. We just got away from saving mails, the last thing the developers (or smart players for that matter) want is another form of hoarding.


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                  just tested now . works as listed . it gives points for enchant stones purchased with enchanted ores


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                    working as mentioned in description. pts for both ores and stones.

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                      Game there a bug in tycoon yesterday and today opened build boss and did over 40m damage to him and didnt got a single point for that...and there might be other bugs too becouse i have 29k points only and had over 14k vouchers at tycoon begining and buy everything needed for tycoon+ HOC points pent on angels tears,so i should have more points.pls look after it whats happening becouse its really annoying.i love this game and dont wanna quit.

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