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What Hero should I choose: lvl 67 Free Player

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  • What Hero should I choose: lvl 67 Free Player

    I am a paladin and it's time for me to choose my first Ruby Hero. Thing is I am not sure which way to go. I currently use Djinni, Night Sentinal, Nether King, Green Ranger.

    I have a pretty good dodge build for my main with 8735 dodge, and I use lvl 25 Heal Totem with Magic Broom, as well as a Vidar's blade that heals me for about 50k per hit .

    I am not sure if I should build another tank or a damager to replace Green Ranger. Or should I be thinking about a rage builder like Nereida?

    I have enough Ruby to get KoB, BC, or Nereida, and have no crests to even think about anything in Astral Tavern or Enigma Tavern. My angel is Seraphim.

    I place my Main in front row with NK, Djinni behind me and NS behind NK and GR at the bottom.

    I am searching for suggestions not only about my topic, but any other areas I could improve on.

    As I stated though I AM a free player.

    Thanks for consideration.

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    u should go for beserker claw / nereida


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      IMO you need another striker, I would go with BC. BTW, he was the first ruby hero I picked also and I'm still using him (though now evolved to GW).


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        Get Berserker and Nereida after that, and keep saving those HoC vouchers.


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          What about KoB though, when is he a good choice?


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            Pretty much never currently. He's mostly tanky and if built for damage, won't really do much of it. Problem with tanky heroes is that he has no real way to force people to hit him, and smart players will just build so they ignore him (or outright burn through his health).

            I would get Nereida first, since she increases the effectiveness of your current party, then look for upgrades to your party members (berserker claw to replace NS, etc).


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              Replace GR and NK with BC and nerieda


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                best ruby hero s BC 2nd is ner.. KoB is less useful than NK...
                one possibility is get astral child and ner get both to +15 and use IRB 1 that would b a massive inc to dam
                inherit green ranger to child... u can use child/ner to make them only use rage skill to keep the dam buff on ur strikers and help them rage much faster but may need topaz dragon totem to set ner off in round 1


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                  you being a paladin the dragon totem not helping 2 much .. stick to healing like i do .. and get astral + nereida and claw to get irb 1 .. trust me i was following some1's advice and things started to be more intersting .. cleared spires/totems even doing great in cs .. u should also consider working with a dodge halo give angel .. glacia .. now remember iam also a free player and i currently have top - astral ; mid heal totem main claw evolved .. lower kob (useless) and LE (I got LE from hoc for free collecting vouchers for several months) also fire totem not that efective for me .. dont know why ..and angel is glacia deployed for halo .. iam own nereida and trying to get LE 21 + astral 18 atm .. btw ur join skill is the best there is .. 40% block + 20% dodge and triggers nearly all time .. goodluck


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                    Thank you for the advice, now if I can figure out how to get more Garnet Herosouls to get Astral Child....


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                      A free player alt character Hunter without good heroes

                      another free player alt Ranger without good hero

                      I rarely play these two, just do some blitz everyday, then get free stuff on events by focusing on main at earlier lvl is a better idea then just get the hero after saving enough for HoC


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                        Another pair with the same build as the archers above

                        A free player Mystic

                        A free player Paladin


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                          Originally posted by lezickh View Post
                          I rarely play these two, just do some blitz everyday, then get free stuff on events by focusing on main at earlier lvl is a better idea then just get the hero after saving enough for HoC
                          Noob here, what is HoC?


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                            Originally posted by LadeeGaga View Post
                            Noob here, what is HoC?
                            House of Cards free player should be ablt to get 150-200+ cards per event and they do it up to twice per month, so if you saved 1200 cards ypu can have enough for 60,000 points on "Master of Poker" in Hot Event, or you can also save 1400-1500 just to make sure you are ranked first if your server have hard cashers, then you can choose a good hero like Light Envoy or Earthshaker