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    i want my free recharge


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      i have three wartune codes so far to trade exchange to LoA (packs for 20$ 50$ 80$)
      u can pm me also


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        I've heard some people being unable to claim more than one. We didn't have the same thing with Wartune, so if you want to inbox me the codes that didn't work I can check up on those and, if it's true they won't work, try and get valid ones.


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          LoA code

          I have a 20$ and 50$ LOA code and looking to trade for a wartune code, pm me.


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            the codes i got yesterday i deleted as its usless to be given codes that didnt work and still dont work

            i rather go to shop buy lottery ticket and hope that way for better odds than odds from r2 lottery system that needs to be fixed

            but ty sanguine its not ur fault its the way the game is bugged to hell never fixed so we suffer devs laugh as we are stupid enough to do all those swag bags tasks to be given invalid codes that doesnt work

            u can be given the codes in ur inbox give to devs and still they give u no answer so best way to deal with codes delete remove game never play again


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              free codes

              ere is the free codes i got yesterday from swag bag i dont wanna swap dont want anything from ppl for them

              free to any 1

              1: F8FDJ33KOWPH6G1PI8

              2: BV12E0VIO0E6ZXPVGN

              3: PYB35H8LWG5ZZN3ZFL



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                myth-LOA code exchange

                I have LOA codes worth 20$, 50$ and 80$ but i do not play LOA! I only play Mythborne so if anyone interested, reply me or send me pm


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                  Sure thing.


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                    Sended the pm, hoping to hear back SOON.


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                      Well you won codes, so the R2 event works. It actually has nothing to do with LoA or any game devs except that we need to get codes. I was told that each tier is only valid to claim once per character, so if you claimed the 50 pack it won't be available to you again. You haven't made that clear, so I wanted to mention that just incase that was your situation.

                      Again, if you didn't use any codes and you were getting an invalid message, it's easy for me to check the codes form the list and provide valid ones to you. We already have a list thousands of codes long, so I just need you to take a couple minutes and get them for me. You can review your winnings by clicking "view winning record" and it will give you the detailing of your winnings and also has the codes stored there.


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                        i have LOA 80$ code! Need a Nova one!

                        PM me if interested.
                        Nova Genesis

                        IGN : MihaiViteazu
                        Level : 87
                        Class : Corsair
                        Battle Rating ~5.3M BR
                        Server : S7 [Etho Highlands]
                        Guild : Empire


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                          sent you a pm.


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                            I have 2 Mythborne codes worth $50 and $80 and need LoA codes. PM me if you still want to exchange.


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                              Swag exchange

                              I have a mythborne $80 game pack and looking to exchange it for a LoA game pack. pm me if interested


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                                swag exchange code

                                got 2x80 Nova Genesis, 1x50 Nova Genesis
                                got 1x80 League of Angels, 1x20 League of Angels
                                Looking for WARTUNE codes of same value. PM me