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Laggy servers

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  • Laggy servers

    Ok before you start with the same old scripted reply's of its your connection ( i have super fast fiber optic broadband 120mbs ) or its your browser not us garbage, im using your mini client and im still getting the same issues as many are. waiting for a response from r2 servers.. menus taking for ever to open that`s if they don`t freeze so we have to refresh all the time. synthing near on impossible as it just locks up so again we have to refresh after every item synthed..This is a server issue the servers need maintaining like many other games do on a weekly bases to reduce lag build up. And the darn pups in the game are annoying can we have a feature to turn off the pups ( pop ups ) we know when wb is we know when events are running we do not need all these stupid pop ups .

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    do you also notice how laggy it gets when the scrolling message appears - nearly brings the game to a stop


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      Yes i have noticed that as many have, And to be honest 99% of players do not care who beat who in cs clash. 99% of players are not stupid and know when daily events are running so this scrolling garbage at the top of the screen is a laggy waste of time, Most just refresh as soon as it appears to avoid the lag build up. R2 and gta should restart servers once a week to reduce server lag build up, But i guess they are to scared to do that in case they miss any recharges in the time it takes to restart a server, Evolving any thing takes hours and dont get me started on upgrading the guilds with gold 4 hours of donating to go up one level.. That`s a pathetic joke its no wonder most don`t bother any more, So many issues with this game its become laughable at the sheer incompetence of the dev`s, And now every one has to download the mini client just to be able to play the game when flash ends, My concern with that is how easy it is to hack the mini client, Not the greatest choice for security concerns.