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  • mimi client garbage

    Thanks r2 devs you are totaly usless and your dumb incompetance has cost me in tycoon in the last 10 mins before rest your dumb client crashed then i spent the last 11 mins trying to log back to finish pushing my self back in the top 3. Your client is utter garbage and your shear incompetance is a joke, this has cost me diamonds to get that 3 rd rank in tycoon. so because of your client i was not able to take back 3 rd place from another player. im done with your game and any thing else r2 produces. r2 is a joke players need to be able to log back to the game straight away not fight with this pathetic broken client months this issues has been here and nothing has been done to fix it or even attempt to fix it yet you expect players to keep funding you, nothing but ** excuses from the r2 devs well you can take your game and shove it where the sun dont shine 5 yrs playing and im out of here. totaly pathetic incompentant company that only cares about squeezing cash out of players at over inflated greedy prices.