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Beach Treasure

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  • Beach Treasure

    Duration: November 15th to November 18th (server time)
    Servers: S1-S225
    Description: Treasures galore are hidden beneath the shells! During the event, flip the shells to earn points and match pairs of items to get them as a prize! Collect points to win new costumes and many other great rewards!
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    1. During each round there will be 8 pairs of items hiding behind the shells. Match a pair of items to earn it as a prize.
    2. Flipping shells costs shell points, which can be bought by diamonds. Using 1 shell point will earn the player 10 event points. Points can be used to buy items in the point shop.
    3. At 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00 every day, players will be given 8 shell points for free. Remember to collect them before they expire!
    4. There will be two kinds of reward modes: Random Pick and Manual Pick. In the Random Pick, items and prizes appear randomly while in the Manual Pick mode players can spend diamonds to select items they would like to appear.
    5. After selecting Manual Pick mode, players will need to click the REFRESH button to see the selected prizes appear in the event. The shells will refresh each hour, clearing the cooling down for a refresh costs 100 diamonds in Random Pick mode, 100+ diamonds in Manual Pick mode.

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    Where are the ruby souls in the beach shop? D:


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      the idea of giving shells at a certain hour is really bad. many players are from different time zones or can't be online to collect the shells.I, for instance, am away almost 13 hours a day from home and don't have an internet connection. you don't give quiz vouchers at a certain hour to collect, you don't give lotto vouchers at a certain hour to collect.... so what's with this idea ?


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        the idea is prolly to give advantage to those who spend more time than others on this game
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