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    Pretty crappy CS Tycoon. It is like they want to recycle the worst of the worst items that we all have anyway.


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      Originally posted by RazMaddy View Post
      they should change the name to Harveens tycoon event, nobody else has a chance against his credit card.
      im a non cash player bro hamilton, and i tell you ,you can make 70k points,all you need is to play and be SMART.WHEN Dijini Tavern come, go hunt for 90% and buy 50gemology card,and keep for next tycoon,whit 1 diamant you can have 1000 daric/1 day=omnipotence=consume any amount,so.....whit daric you can keep gemo,for tycoon,also keep vouchers until tycoon come,and there use-it,also make inferno alone and colect all treasure=more points in tycoon,do vouchers buy just what tycoon give points,make all loops quest=litle points in tycoon but good(+ points not-),open Guild Boss 3 times=gold ,so points in tycoon,so+ there,+there,+there(inferno,gb,loops quest,wb,vouchers,GEMOLOGY,ETC)you can make easy 18k points per day.remember Dijini Tavern is our frends to help us(non cash)to make points in tycoon.Hope i help you whit someadvice,Cya and keep play and be SMART