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[Announcement] League of Angels Server Maintenance 1/21

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    Originally posted by Ceriss View Post
    why you havent put out this anouncement before maintenance began and put it out 2 hours after the maintenance began instead?
    My guess - it was an emergency maintenance, not a planned one.

    Originally posted by kokoos20 View Post
    its better to do it earlier in morning not now
    Early morning for who? You do realize that with all these different time zones there is no way maintenance is in the early morning for all?
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      Originally posted by osobena View Post
      My guess - it was an emergency maintenance, not a planned one.
      they why they didnt put it as "ok guys since now, servers are on maintenance for X hours"
      but nope, they did "hey guys, it has been 2 hours already since maintenance started, we are just letting you know now" instead


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        i can't refresh my beach treasure in [S226] character name is Gblue


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          I am playing on S186, and theses two days, i can't enter game!


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            I don't have black screen neither withe screen all loading are finish, but i can't play on S186


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              ok cool, keep it up...


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                It is done. Compensation is 100 diamonds and about 200 vouchers. Useless except the diamonds...
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                  i just recharged for 1k dia a moment ago, but i didn't get "The precious" reward for 1k dia

                  the maintenance messed up the Hot events "The Precious" Click image for larger version

Name:	1-22-2015 8-52-34 PM.png
Views:	1
Size:	430.0 KB
ID:	1706989

                  as you can see in my "Spread the Wings" event i have unlocked the single recharge of 999 Click image for larger version

Name:	1-22-2015 8-52-48 PM.png
Views:	1
Size:	471.7 KB
ID:	1706990 but i wont buy it yet becuase i was hoping to buy it with my dia reward from the precious event..

                  fix this please asap please, the events will end tonight 3hours from now and im stretching every bit of points i can get with the recharge, this issue is causing me misery..



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                    i hope resolve all problem