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[Guide] Angel Awaken

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  • [Guide] Angel Awaken

    A new system for upgrading your Angels even further has arrived! Can’t wait to learn more? Then read on for details!

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    1. When your Angel is illuminated, the Awaken icon shown below will show up.

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    2. Click this icon to enter the Awaken interface

    3. Collect enough Awakening Stone to awaken the Angel. Angel Awakening Stone can be obtained in events.

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    4. Each Angel can be awakened 1-3 times: Awaken Lvl.1, Awaken Lvl.2, and Max Awakening.

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    5. The stats of the Angel Skill and Halo will improve after awakening.

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    6. After awakening, the Angel’s picture will change too.

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    Not all Angels can be awakened at currently; the following 11 angels can be awakened after the next update:

    Awaken Angel Awakening Level
    Nocturna 1
    Alecta 2
    Polly 2
    Fortuna 2
    Eostre 2
    Varda 2
    Aphrodite 2
    Hemera 3
    Victoriana 3
    Athena 3
    Theia 3

    We will continually add Angels that can be awakened in future updates. Have fun and see you in-game!

    R2Games LoA Ops Team

    Official Site:

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    When Single Tycoon ??


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      Originally posted by miaka18 View Post
      When Single Tycoon ??
      Last month SS Tycoon were from 3/8 to 6/8. I expect it to start tommorrow.


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        Kaching Kaching


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          BTW, just looked into the awakening, I noticed the portraits of angels get "glow" effect.
          Please don't do that. The only value your game has is that you got a real master artist that can deliver awesome angel drawings. These hue change effects are ruining the portraits. If you need to make the portrait look cooler as a bonus for players, you better pay him to paint more developed/refined portraits.
          And while you're at it, you may want to remaster some of Angel models in-game... Angelina was a joke considering how cute she looked in portrait.


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            Originally posted by MagicSteel View Post
            Kaching Kaching