League of Angels Version Update 04/23: New Angel, New Clothing, New Mount, New Sylph ... and many more!

Good day mighty warriors. Let's take a peek at what the game update comes with for April.

1. New Clothing: Mulan
2. New Fairy: Viny
3. New Mount: Bluefire Cat
4. New Angel: Tuonetar
5. New Sylph: Mecha Master
6. New Hero evolve: Holy Knight (
2nd evo for Conquest Knight >> Scarlet Knight >> Holy Knight)
7. Mount Evos: (
for Cottontail)
1st evo: Fairy Cottontail
2nd evo: Elf Cottontail
3rd evo: Divine Cottontail

8. New Amulet Evo: Adv. Cryo Staff (Ice Prince)