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[Announcement] Cross-server battleground issue resolved.

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    Originally posted by R2Tartarus View Post
    Dear Players,

    We are pleased to say that the issue regarding the cross server battleground has been solved.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

    We will be giving everyone that is level 33 and above a compensation pack for the trouble.
    Please collect your compensation packs in game! They are waiting for you!

    Happy gaming everyone!!
    Umm NO THEY ARE NOT - S8 has not had a comp pack yet.. is this bull or have you just not sent it yet?

    I see S8 gettin screwed each and every day. First of the EU servers, no comp pack, no extra 1k diamonds for recharging 4k diamonds (which seriously has ****** off a lot of cashers). How about you comp S8 severly before we all leave and help destroy R2


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      thanks keep move on this game ROCKS especially for the angels.....
      :cool:playing with fun:cool:


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        Now we have cross on S8, but it's starting very late...and keep going late in the night. It's at same hours as US East servers . And ,of course, still no compensation for nothing .
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          its fixed you say, then why can't we enter the cross server and didn't S8 received a compensation pack for teh troubles with cross server?


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            S8 has cross server (thanx)
            But the starting time doesnt match at all.
            Hours have passed from the promised time that it should start, yet nothing.

            I heard rumors that it matches with the US servertime when it start.
            Also another issue; Yesterday I played n crossserver and i noticed i played along with US people
            (fought against s1 people)
            I wonder how you can call this fair. I mean s1 has 1-2 weeks advantage over s8 (and now with +20 servers released and are going to compete in these crosswars, that is fair beyond fair to them)
            Just make it EU vs EU, oceania vs oceania and US vs US and that is a lot better compared to what we have now

            The whole fix seems to me like really rushed. You didnt considered the diff timeszones and the times that should start the event per timezone.
            Now I have to start at 7 pm while I could start crosservers at 2 pm and spread it out throught the day.
            Now Ive lost 5 hrs of playtime.

            Take more time when you are fixing something, becus this is fixed for 50%
            Yes we have our cross server and im happy about it,
            yet there are still things that are wrong and they need some attention
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              Yes in S8 say star at 13pm but actually starts at 18h server time, and yes the time is wrong bcoz is using US time
              S8 have been out without access cross server for almost 2 weeks, sure we players are way behind some other servers. Compensation regarding that S8 players we all still waiting for it.
              Plus im wandering wut will they give us, if they actually will give us something.


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                Where is cross server battleground for S14? Is oceania region excluded from having cross server functionality implemented?


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                  S23 - 13:00-23:00
                  the time of the screenshot is 16:54
                  we cannot enter the cross server ...

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	bug.jpg
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Size:	664.6 KB
ID:	1680028
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                    Cross-server times are in EST even for EU servers. Our cross-server starts at 18:00 GMT and ends at 4:00 GMT.


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                      where is croos server from s8 ???
                      what happent again


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                        Seriously are we expected to play until 04:00 to reach our honor cap for the day?! I really hope this gets corrected. Some re-assurance from staff that the time will be adjusted would be welcome right now. EU servers need EU times not EST times! else what is the point of even having EU servers lol. We have major events reducing the time we can spend in CS during the evening time (GMT).

                        Really hoping at some point fairly soon this is sorted and working as it is supposed to, without cross server to engage in there are many dead points throughout the day and it really makes the game less enjoyable.
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                          comopn R2; fic teh time for cross serve rbattle, european servers who have to w<ait till est time to play crossserve ris total **** so plx, fix the time plx

                          This is a decent game so plx don't screw it up by ignoring the little flaws and errors in teh game.


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                            yes also from 6pm to 4am for EU servers is not fair one im a mother of 2 i cant be awake till 4am maybe 2am on fridays and saturdays but thats not fair then you have people that have school and dont work from home so need to sleep at those times it really is not fair on us but right now i just want cross server back as there is now nothing to do cept the race then we have to wait till 7pm for world boss so we loose out on even more cross server if we want to do boss to if you have it fixed by then please hurry bring the tab back fix the time please thank you


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                              now we get a compensation for cross server what is realy nice.
                              But now we dont have cross server anymore??
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                                5k honor errrrr yea but we go to shop and its not there?