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League of Angels - 1st Recharge Pack

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  • League of Angels - 1st Recharge Pack

    Dear Heroes and Angels,
    Due to confusion we wish to clarify: 1st Recharge Packs are only available for a minimum recharge amount of $2.99. Players charging less than $2.99 will not receive a 1st Recharge Pack.
    Thank you for supporting R2Games' League of Angels. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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    R2Games LoA Ops Team

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    do we can claim 1st recharge pack if we buy vip 1 month? Vet says that purchasing vip 1 month won't give any diamond...


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      I bought 2000 diamonds 5 days ago never received them or my recharge pack


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        Click image for larger version

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ID:	1689340This is the kind of things that need to be stated in your events instead of "ANY" because by "ANY" means ANY... Very disappointing.
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          They did that to stop people from getting the 1st recharge packs via the free diamond offers I think. I was lucky enough to get it on my char before this was changed =)


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            Which in itself is a crock, because they still get money for folks doing the "free offers" It doesn't "cost" them anything to "allow" the 1st recharge pack, and what they do give won't "upset the game balance" one freakin' bit. So, let's **** everyone off (especially those of us transferring to new servers from old where we were able to claim it with "free offers.") Way to go GTArcade and R2games, let's make sure to keep those "free player" fodder from wanting to stay IN the game. Wouldn't it just be better to give a temp bonus to let those "free players" get the VIP experience to entice them to maybe wish to whip out their credit cards and pay for vip full time? You folks make no sense.


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              why wont you accept the same card i use to renew my vip for recharging?


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                Is it possible to recharge diamonds with a debit card instead credit card and with other currencie than EUR/US dollars?
                i have a debit card in RON , romanian lei, and i wonder if i can recharge any diamonds with it...


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                  well the latest one is that you have fixed the 1st recharge icon so that it is removed when everything is collected but I am afraid to tell you that this is yet another failed excersice as I still have the flashing 1st recharge icon on S234
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