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League of Angels - An Inside Look: Hero Element Training

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    I have my hero to 45 and my character is 45. I still can't get this to work


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      You need to be lvl 46 not 45...


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        Originally posted by daft48eddiex View Post
        A very poor addition - have tried 3 times, twice with 10 dusts and once with 50 and same result - 3 zero levels. Upgrades should be that an ability to upgrade not a hit or miss chance to upgrade with a odds on that you will degrade instead. Remove the degrading and make it an upgrade, otherwise nobody will waste there time on it. I now have over 500 element dusts but there is no point in using when I will just be wasting it to achieve nothing. A pointless addition when there is so little chance of actually getting an upgrade from it.
        not a waste of time especially when you have a tavern hero with total party AoE skill
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          Originally posted by R231911870 View Post
          That you Devs for NON-WORKING inferno.

          I guess you NEEDED that to FORCE every damn casher to make them cought more cash so they can use the damn fonction. AWESOME planing you got there !!

          And great PR too...
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            Originally posted by R2_Mars View Post
            Harness unprecedented power for your heroes through Elemental Training which unlocks at level 45!


            The Element Training system can be found within the Train panel and only applies to heroes, the main character cannot be strengthened via this system. In order to train with this system, players will need to obtain Element Crystals which can be found by participating in the Inferno.
            Element Types
            There are three elements in total: fire, ice, and electro. The damage caused is the sum of these three elements. The upper limit of each element is 10 Lvl. 10 Stars.
            There are three different Elemental Training modes.
            - Normal training has a chance to roll negative numbers (which means it can decrease stats).
            - Advanced training has a relatively higher probability to increase the stats of the hero.
            - Ultimate training has a high chance of upgrading an element with a low chance of reducing other elements. (Update)
            - Training costs 10, 20, and 50 Element Crystals, respectively.
            - Click on the Upgrade button in the Element panel to see the 3 element types fluctuate according to training mode you choose. Remember to click ‘Save’ to save stats you like before upgrading again!


            Inheriting Element Training
            The target hero's and the source hero's elemental level and stats will be swapped after inheriting. The target hero will gain the source hero’s element level, and the source hero will gain the target hero’s element level.
            Elemental Training provides effective damage perks. The elemental damage effect is both useful for skill attacks and normal attacks; it also increases a skill’s damage, but is ineffective with countering skills. In the preliminary stage, players should focus on training offensive heroes.

            More details about the update will be released in the next few days. Stay tuned!

            Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined by in game content.

            R2Games LoA Ops Team
            I don't see the logic in reducing other elements and don't say low chance because -400 BR is not low at all. It takes time to collect crystals only to have other elements reduced, where's the fun in that?


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              Congratz on ruining the system, R2. I was using ultra upgrade (yea, expensive as hell, but guaranteed no-loss). In like 30% of attempts i got no upgrade at all but it was still worth it. But now? I don´t know what genius changed that, but he should revisit school and learn more about percentage. Ultra is now "low chance of reducing other elements". Low here means 75% at least. Just an example from today. I got 450+ element crystals. Set ultra, trying to enhance my claw. Results: EVERY attempt ended with at least 1 element downgraded, 3 times i got -2 stars. Only 2 attempts yielded in 1 star upgrade, which i didn´t save because of decreasing another. Good job indeed. If 100% attempt downgrade means "low chance", hell, what the normal mode "high chance" means? Setting all elements to 0?! Stop tweaking features that worked, rather focus on fixing twillight class terrible lags.


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                it doesnt say guaranteed no loss it says low chance of reducing other elements get your facts right before whinging there is still 100% chance of downgrading if it hits the low chance
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                  Genius, it USED TO BE no-loss b4 someone changed that. You should read the context b4 attacking. And "hits the low chance" 4 times out of 4 attempts? Another mathematical wonder.