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League of Angels - House of Cards: Win at Cards, Win Hecate!

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    Well so far i do still see my old unused cards from the first event .. just need conformation .. thanks .. now since it can be carry over i rather say it will be
    interesting to save some or to pile up for better prizes.


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      Cards can be transferred

      Originally posted by Escaflowne82 View Post
      Can someone either player or admin enlightened me lol .. i want to know if the cards or point we get can be carry over to the next house of cards event ?
      do we have to finish all points and cards and start all over again in the next HOC event ?
      I got a Joker (L) last HoC event. When this new HoC event started, I noticed my Joker card is still present. So I guess the cards are carried on to the next HoC event. Dunno about the points though as I spent all my card points in the previous event.


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        BTW, I got lucky this time. I can now afford to get Valkyrie or Astral Hunter. Which do you think should I get? Both seem to be very good tanks. My current setup is: King of Bones, Berserker Claw, Djinni, Guardian. Guardian, as of this moment is my weakest hero.


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          the cards arent carried over for everyone....ya must be lucky...i had 9 cards left over last time 1 joker(L), 4 7(S), 2 7(H) and 2 A(H)...couldnt trade them could use for points last time...they were not there for me this say ya were very lucky....or im damn


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            How often are the HoC events?


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              So the cards will be brought over to the next HoC event?


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                can't buy Hecate card coz' the House of cards will end tomo,and i gonna recharge tomo if you extend it for 1 week,sure i can get Hecate and even can recharge


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                  Originally posted by R2_Mars View Post
                  House of Cards

                  Duration: May 1st - May 4th (server time)
                  Servers: S1 to S154
                  Description: The House of Cards is back! Collect cards from three types of card chests: Common Chests, Deluxe Chests and Mystery Chests to exchange them for awesome rewards! Common Chests cost 50 Diamonds, Deluxe Chests cost 150 Diamonds and Mystery Chests cost 500 Diamonds. Players may claim up to 10 Common Chests for FREE daily during the event.
                  Upon collecting a specific set of cards, the set may be exchanged for great rewards. Unused cards which can be used to trade for specific cards, allowing players to finish card sets faster and easier.


                  Swap the required card sets for:
                  Hecate Crest, Arcane Spirit Crest, Valkyrie Crest, Astral Hunter Crest, Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest, Lvl. 8 Superior Gem Chest, Magic Socket Rod, Ruby Herosoul, Runestone, Lvl. 6 Cherubstone, Seraph's Stone, Element Crystal, Gem Essence, Topaz Herosoul, Blessed Stone, Refining Stone, Angel Tears, and Synth Scroll.
                  Daily Ranking Rewards: Every day the Top 20 players with at least 1500 points from the previous day can collect extra Card Points as a reward.

                  Total Ranking Rewards: At the end of the event, the Top 20 players with at least 10000 total points have a chance to win Seraph’s Stones, Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chests, Joker (L), Runestones or Lvl. 6 Common Gem Chests.


                  Position: Healer
                  Skill: Heals the 2 members of your party with lowest percentage of HP remaining, each recovering HP equal to (4.5% target Max HP +50% caster MATK +300).
                  PATK MATK PDEF MDEF HP
                  0 800 250 350 2100

                  Daily Gift
                  Duration: May 1st - May 4th (server time)
                  Server: S1 to S154
                  Description: Login every day to win Card Lotto Vouchers!
                  Requirements Reward
                  Total Login: 1 Day Card Lotto Voucher x10 and Merchant's Token x1
                  Total Login: 2 Days Card Lotto Voucher x10 and Merchant's Token x2
                  Total Login: 3 Days Card Lotto Voucher x15 and Merchant's Token x2
                  Total Login: 4 Days Card Lotto Voucher x20 and Merchant's Token x3

                  Note: Merchant's Token can be used to refresh the Voucher Shop.

                  Total Recharge Reward
                  Duration: May 1st - May 4th (server time)
                  Server: S1 to S154
                  Description: Cumulatively recharge during the event to earn special rewards!
                  Requirements Reward
                  Total Recharge: Diamond x1500 Card Lotto Voucher x20
                  Total Recharge: Diamond x5000 Card Lotto Voucher x30 and Blessed Stone x20
                  Total Recharge: Diamond x10000 Card Lotto Voucher x50 and Element Crystal x100
                  Total Recharge: Diamond x20000 Blessed Stone x100 and Seraph's Stone x100
                  Total Recharge: Diamond x40000 Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest x1 and Runestone x500

                  Keep an eye out for more exciting events for May 1st – May 4th!

                  R2Games LoA Ops Team
                  Its not true Total Ranking Rewards: At the end of the event, the Top 20 players with at least 10000 total points have a chance to win Seraph’s Stones, Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chests, Joker (L), Runestones or Lvl. 6 Common Gem Chests

                  To get Joker (L) players must have 40000 points.


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                    hello, i have a concern about the rose event, it says on the guidelines that the first batch of roses are available for all the players but i did not get any roses for the start of the event. even i am a vip 5 the 1st to 4th batches of roses are not also even there. i just want to know where can i get this roses and how can i get them if i want to get the garb?
                    i will send you the screenshot of the account. i also made one account for my brother in same server S38 but no roses are available for him to send as well. please let me know about your response soon.
                    Princess Sofia


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                      yea,,, this random system is really not good, they should give a specific cards from the chest, that worth for us to spend money
                      I think they should divide the cards into the chests in a way where the 150 d chest cant draw the 500 d chest cards, not fair to those spending the 500 d when some people get the same card cheaper. That way you get better chances to draw what you need in each box. Much better and worth my cash.


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                        why cant I connect to s3 prospera's bounty???????


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                          Games like this are always rigged with events like that, set to fail, so that only if you spend a ridiculous amount of cash can you actually get the prizes. I've experienced it in several games now, so this isn't the first time. They make few free user events, and a lot of recharge oriented events. Its called a "Cash cow" Only when something is cheep, and worth it, do I recharge. Those hero's aren't really worth it
                          Home Territory: [S13] Valkyries Call: Username: Tobi


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                            Happy Mother Day.....


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                                I really can't remember but is it possible to get two Joker L in one house of cards event?