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League of Angels - New System: Totems

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  • #16
    what level need to unlock totem?
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    • #17
      when is it coming and how would you get totems??????


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        Originally posted by R211539 View Post
        when is it coming and how would you get totems??????
        they are already out


        • #19
          This is gonna sound really silly, but where are the totems? I can see other people have this ''wolf'' one when i compare to them, and i can see the tab in party, but the tab is empty? Where can i find the battle or whatever it is? tyvm in advance
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          • #20
            its a new mini game that will show up on the top of your screen when you meet the level requirement which I believe is 60.
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            • #21
              what i need to get totem ? anyone can explain?


              • #22
                1. Players may use Sacrifice Points to obtain more Totems.
                2. Some Totems can only be obtained by using Sacrifice Points.
                3. After committing 1 - 10 sacrifices a rare Totem will appear, after committing 2 - 6 sacrifices an uncommon Totem will appear.

                why sacrifices cost increase after sacrifices 10times? it that mean good totem can be obtained from higher sacrifices cost?
                Wa Langsi Sebab Lu Follow Sama Gua, Itu Sebab Wa Mau Lu Mampus


                • #23
                  thats a good tip to share on the sacrifice. how about getting past 1-9 and also on evolve?