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League of Angels - Server Maintenance 7/3

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  • League of Angels - Server Maintenance 7/3

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    Dear Heroes and Angels,

    Due to a system update, all League of Angels servers will undergo maintenance July 3rd at the following times:

    7/3 04:00 PDT
    7/3 07:00 EDT
    7/3 11:00 GMT
    7/3 19:00 GMT+8

    After the update, a few new items will be added in-game including Moonbeam Wings and a Synth Scroll Chest.

    The update is expected to last 3 hours, players will NOT get disconnected during this maintenance. However, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see you all in-game!


    R2Games LoA Ops Team

  • #2
    dont always update fix all bug in game like agility and damage angel


    • #3
      updated already
      Last edited by Newton.; 07-03-2014, 06:47 AM.


      • #4
        game updated and br issue isnt fixed yet.....lamme.....


        • #5
          i didn`t see it on s192
          Name: Lana

          Class: Berseker

          Server: S192 Weeping Jungle


          • #6
            s129 updated but br bug isnt fixed


            • #7
              Apparently now angel level cannot exceed player level. Nice job let handicap. the mid level players. apparently they want the strong to stay strong maybe I should just quit like a lot have they are not making it very fun anymore. Making it harder and harder to do battle with anyone.


              • #8
                sorry dude but is not fair lvl 65 have 70 lvl angel,and i up mine lvl by lvl and you come put money and make it same as mine (when i was midle player we also have higher lvl players so you up your hero whit hard work and have fun


                • #9
                  single hits on tears has never worked after exceed, but "one click" bypasses


                  • #10
                    nice that they can add all these new items to the game fix cs and ta yet they still have NOT fixed the in game battle br still.(server 111 kingdom of giants).... this is disgusting its been well over a week now and still waiting for it to be fixed.... and all ya get when ya mesage them is to be patient well how about if they actually concentrate on fixing this big bug thats affected many people across al the servers before adding new stuff... and also take into account that not all players are cashiers there are players who are free players and do not put money into the game how about thinking about them and putting up angels that they can purchase from arena shop like they did with the nyssa instead of doing majority of the stuff for cashiers....


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                      The only reason to make you wait to level angel to max is so they can release content slower and keep you playing for longer while you spend months trying to get to level 80 and meanwhile they can try to sell you more events and stuff while you are still engaged and playing the game.
                      That way you are restricted by exp which is really high per level, there is no way to bypass it then there is no way to catch up to their biggest customers who have been playing longer. So not only does a new player start with -$10,000+ dollars disadvantage in cross server against an older player, they are now also officially are restricted from ever catching up to them by the game mechanic. Yet they still give the rewards to the cross server events to these same older players. Why would they do this? I don't even understand the business reasons.


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                        doesn't really matter I can't ever enter any server I click on play now and my screen goes dark and that's it. I missed world boss and twilight clash starts in 20 minutes guess I'm going to miss it also the 3 hours has now been 5 for me


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                          Dear GM, why 2 days ago until now i could not be opened LOA at facebook, please explanation to me and fix that thanks. *The server closed the connection without sending any data.*