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[Forum Event] Fireside Tales: As Told by You

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  • The vampire woke up in the morning, having no recollection of what happened, however she couldnt shake off the feeling that something was amiss
    Server 191 Dread Island IGN: Silena



    • when the night striks,, all the berserkers claws comming out to destroy ouwer country,,,,, name: alienking server: s60.. guild: TheOverlords


      • Then the sky drew dark thick clouds appeared and thunder sounded round and lightening bolts did fill the sky and deftly struck the ground, And then a dragon appeared from air and grabbed all the berseker by the head and shook it twice then ripped it off yes . . . they was surely dead

        server:S86 northern furnace
        guild: madness


        • The storm continues, and a shadow emerged from the darkest corners of the mountains. The figure held a staff of bones, and chanted an ancient spell as it slowly walked to the beserkers' resting ground. "I summon thee all back from the eternal flames of hell, I am the creator whom gives you the second life, awaken and obey, until the messenger of eternal peace visits you once more." Dark ripples of energy surrounded the area, flames erupted from the deceased beserker's eyes. The monster's remain shaked as if they are welcoming their new master, moments later a thick dark mist surrounds the figure and the beserkers, and as the hours passes and the mist subsides....they are gone.

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          • But they will come back sooner or later with the promise to release themselves from the chains of their master.

            IGN: HaiCaTrece
            server: 204 The Floating City


            • Somewhere, far away in a desert, a small group of travelers rested. They were somehow being pulled into the fray that lay ahead. A Night Sentinel sharpened his weapons while his friends a Djinni, and a girl of fire slept. The sands beneath the girl of fire slowly ran together into glass as her flames flickered above. She was a great source of warmth in the cold night, The Night Sentinel loved to watch her hover and dance above the earth. The Djinni had been like a daughter to him since he rescued her from slavery. He did not feel quite ready to wake either of them for the next watch and so worked more blades that seemed to appear from nowhere.

              Tweakley S 13 Valkyrie's Call


              • Then a stranger pass by and stop near the strange trio... So many weapons around Sentinel!

                The stranger sit in front of sentinel for 5 minutes before saying "You have nice weapons here, how much the price? You must be new best weapon seller in this dessert!"
                Originally posted by Henry Miller
                There are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature.



                • Sentinel gave the stranger a quick look, but didn't say anything. He knew that the weapons are just extra weight and they could use some help, so after a moment of silence he said: "I don't want your money, but I could use you as a guide. If you lead us to the nearest village, and also help with carrying the armoury, you can have some weapons." After saying that, Sentinel noticed that Djinni is awake. She said:..
                  IGN: Certelia

                  Server: S119


                  • "I took a glass of wine, walked over to the fireplace and sat alone ... I looked at the red fire of fireplace and contemplate solitude.....and I just realize if I just dreamed I was alone" and Djinni walked over to SentineL ... and He said ......
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                    • Click image for larger version

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                      • I have the strangest feeling that we are being watched, quickly pack your bags we have to go

                        ING: Gringo
                        SERVER:[S182] Snakemoor Fen


                        • and leave tavern immediately as the shadow cringe the very bones along its wake...the fields trembles in every roar it makes...


                          • So they went to the dark forest, to Raven,s Keep.

                            ING: DarkMage


                            • so they went back and ordered pizza......they where really hungry



                              • Originally posted by szepfiu88 View Post
                                so they went back and ordered pizza......they where really hungry

                                "...after they feasted on the delightful pizza they set their minds and hearts to enter the uncharted territory of the dark forest....Not much was known about that region
                                only a few ever dared to enter it, and even fewer survived to tell the tale...those that did return were often changed, mere shadows of the adventurer's they once were,
                                they would speak of demons and foul ritualistic sacrifices, but clearly these were ramblings of madmen certainly no such thing could exist...

                                The moon was already high in the sky in the cloudless night when they arrived at the edge of the forest. The twisted crooked trees almost seemed like they were tortured only to freeze in these eternal agonizing positions, it was as if they were begging for release.

                                Our heroes entered cautiously into the forest, in these dark troubled days ogres and goblins ransacking and pillaging defenseless villages were common news.
                                -Remind me once again, why are we here?-whispered Elaine.
                                -Please Elaine u know the reason, it called my name i have to...-replied Arland.
                                It had been a week now that Arland kept having the same dream, flashes of the entry for the dark forest, and in these flashes an angel in tears called out to him,
                                begging for him to hurry before it was to late..."I know my love"-Elaine said lovingly caressing Arland's face.
                                Elaine stared into the darkness that awaited them and said:"i just don't like this place, nothing good ever comes out of this god forsaken place."Arland hugged her and both set out into the unknown...

                                Ice2thecore Astralhunter(s111)