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Just a small Guide for new Starters [v3.1] -UNDER CONSTRUCTION-

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  • Just a small Guide for new Starters [v3.1] -UNDER CONSTRUCTION-

    Hi and welcome to my first Guide for Wartune. This will be a non-class Specific Guide for New Players, to get a good Start done. But you should know the Basics of Wartune, like Arena, Astrals and MPDs..

    Any Advices, Corrections, Ideas or Additions are welcome.

    I will divide the Guilde into 10 Parts, as following:

    1) Choosing your Class
    2) Casher, or non-Casher?
    3) Everything about Equipments
    4) Which Stats, and Why?
    5) Ressources (Gold, Daru, Kyanite etc.)
    6) Buildings, and Clout City
    7) Playing my Class well
    8) little Details, huge Effects
    9) Leveling up - or not
    10) Keeping the Fun in Wartune

    â–… â–† â–‡ Choosing your Class â–‡ â–† â–…

    There are alot of Guides on this Forum about choosing your Class, but Things have changed drastically after the 3.1 Patch. We will talk about those later, but now let's see what the Classes offer you nowadays:

    ☞ Mage
    + several AOEs in early Game (Area of Effect = Damage to all Enemies)
    + high Mdeff
    + great Healing Skills
    + no Rage Problems due to a passive Skill
    + 2 Ways to play (Damage Dealer or Supporting Healer)
    - low HP
    - slow Battles against Bosses

    The Mage is absolutely needed in every Party. At least when your Server reaches the Lv40 Zone and want to do the lv40 Dungeon in nightmare Mode, they will most likely not get further without a Mage.
    So you will not have to worry about getting into a Group, but this is also the little disatvantage of Mages. Alone, the Game will be kind of slow as you deal only decent Damage and need to Heal yourself over Time, making the Battles easy but long.
    Having 2 Strong AOEs at lv32 gives you a massive Boost, you will be the main DPS in most Dungeon Groups, and Arena Fights will also make use of it.
    As a kind of Compensation, Mages lack at HP. While the other Classes get a 20% HP Boost from passive Skill, you do not have this.
    Choose the Mage Class if you prefer playing in Groups rather than solo, and if you know how to build a Balance between Damage and Defense.

    ☞ Archer
    + massive Damage Output
    + fast Attacks
    + critical Attacks
    + Skills for Single and Multiple Enemies
    + easy Rage Building with good Crit Rate
    + high HP
    - no Defense Boosts
    - needs Crits for Rage
    - only 1 AOE

    Many Players call Archers the "easiest to play Class". In fact, this is true for early Game. With the fast Attacks combined with critical Damage, Archers get trough Dungeons very fast. With Skills to reduce Enemies Speed and restoring your own HP, Bosses are also no Problem for Archers.
    While beeing strong in Single battles, multiple Enemies are allways a Problem for Archers. With only 1 AOE, you will most likely have to kill the Enemies 1 by one, which doesn't only take Time but also increase the Chance to loose, since Archers gain no Defense Boosts.
    You could also call Archers "Glas Cannons" - high Damage, but fragile. However, the 20% HP Boost from your passive Skill will help you stay alive in most Cases.
    Back then, Archers were loved for "Deep Freeze" and "Scatter Shoot" Skills - 1 slowing the Enemy down, the other removing it's positive Buffs. After the 3,1 patch, those Skills unfortunately will not work on Bosses in nightmare Dungeons, making Archers less usefull there.
    However, they do still Work in Catacombs, Necropolis and other important Areas.
    The best Part, still, for Archers, are the World Bosses. With the high Damage, fast Attacks and extremly strong Single-Target Delphic (also called Super-move), Archers will allways be on the Edge of the World Boss Rankings, getting you high Gold and Daru Incomes.
    Choose the Archer Class if you like to deal as much Damage as Possible and beeing a Supporter for specific Aspects of the Game. Archers are designed for Single-Targets.

    ☞ Knight
    + great Defense
    + Shields
    + massive HP
    + combining Block with Heals (passive)
    + 2 Ways to Play (DPS or Tank)
    + Skills that increase Defenses even more
    + high Rage income
    - slow Attacks
    - Troops can be Problems
    - no Active Healing
    - difficult against Bosses (inkl. WB)

    While Archers are "easy" - Knights are often called the Class beeing most difficult to Play. And yes, this is also not completely wrong.
    Unlike the Archer, Knights attack a bit slower, but with explosive Damage. Played well, you will allways be the last to fall in your Group. Due to the Combinations of high HP, defense, Block and Heals, it can be very very hard taking a Knight down.
    In Addition, 2 Shields (1 single and 1 Group Shield) boost your Surviving Skills to the maximum.
    One of the best Part of beeing a Knight, is the Rage Income. With +10 Rage for every Move (!!) you will get Rage for using Runes, Holy Seal and the most basic Attacks.
    The Time, when Knights are difficult to play, will come when you reach nightmare Dungeons and high level Catacombs. Unlike the other Classes, Knights do not have active Healing-Skills and cannot manipulate the Enemies speed. This beeing said, they allways get Problems standing against Bosses in Catacombs, Dungeons and the World Boss.
    However, you can play your Knight as a Tank. Use strong Shields, reduce the Enemie's Damage and block that Damage, while Healing your HP during that. This will make the battles long and you will need good Timing, but it's a safe way to win against Bosses.
    Another little Disadvantage of Knights, are the basic Skills beeing based on "Front Row". In easy Words, you will have to kill Enemie's Troops before you can reach the Enemy. This CAN be a Problem after lv50 when your Enemies have strong Templars.
    Choose the Knight Class, if you are patient and got no Problems beeing your Groups Shield, rather than beeing the big Damage Dealer. Knights are strong solo, but stronger in Teams.

    â–… â–† â–‡ Casher or non-Casher â–‡ â–† â–…

    Probably the most important Question to ask yourself. Are you able to spend Money on Wartune, and if yes, how much?
    Or are you not able to spend Money? Or do you simply not want spend anything?
    You should know and decide this before starting to Play.

    Wartune is definetly a Money-Game, meaning that you will get ALOT more by spending Money on it. In lategame it might not be that huge, but at the Beginnings Cashers and non-Cashers have huge Differences.
    A few Examples:
    - VIP saves Gold and Time AND gives Bonus Items
    - Some Items in the Shop will boost your Charakter permanently, like Mounts
    - There are allways Events in Wartune where you get alot of Things for buying or spending Balens

    Now, let's not say that Cashers get everything and Non-Cashers get nothing.. so i want to point out some Things that you probably did not know:
    - Blitzing a Dungeon is for ALL Players, non-cashers just pay some Gold for it (no big deal)
    - You can add Construction Teams to make it easier/faster upgrading Buildings
    - Important Items are beeing farmed from Dungeons, for Cashers aswell as for non-Cashers (Crystaloids, Legend Stones, Shards)
    - Most Parts of the Game do not require Balens to be played, they only give a Boost which is not urgently needed
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    Just FYI, here's some additional information on the classes:

    There's no "fast" or "slow" attacks; all are the same, only the cooldowns.

    Knight: Bad early game (levels 1 through 50), great late game (levels 51 through class advancements)

    Mage: Average throughout the entire game

    Archer: Great early game (levels 1 through 50), terrible late game unless heavy casher.

    Knight: High PATK, Low MDEF, High PDEF, High HP

    Archer: High PATK, High CRIT, Average PDEF and MDEF, average HP

    Mage: High MATK, High MDEF, Low PDEF, average HP.
    Everything is to blame...
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