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(Mages) Post your Dps skill tree lvl40-50 arena/wb

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  • (Mages) Post your Dps skill tree lvl40-50 arena/wb

    Hi, i'm thinking about buying second skill tree and want some advices to make a correct decision. Atm i'm lvl 42 but i want to know which skills are good for 40-50. Ty all

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    Hmm i can tell you the 2 Mage skill trees

    1. WB, Arena, BG, MPD (mobs)
    - passives
    - Lightning Bold (max)
    - Rain of Fire (max)
    - Thunderer
    - Restoration (max)
    - Meteor Strike

    2. Catacombs, MPD (boss), other Bosses
    - passives
    - Lighting Bolt
    - Restoration
    - Suntoria
    - Purification
    - Blessed Light
    - Meteor Strike (needed for Puri anyway)

    on this tree, simply max. out the passives and Restoration. Lightning doesnt need to be max. as its only for Rage Building. 1 AOE skill is enough for this and since you must learn Meteor, you can skip RoF. And then slowly work on Suntoria, Purification and Blessed Light (in this order).

    On WB, you should start 1. Round with RoF, then auto-atk + Bolt
    and then, you build up Rage for the next Round and start them with Thunderer, followed by auto-atk + Bolt again. Dont use any other Skills. (Sometimes you can use RoF or Meteor if timing fits, but Bolt is usually safe)


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      So, damnation isn't good for arena?

      Ty so much corti


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        Originally posted by KatyWar View Post
        So, damnation isn't good for arena?

        Ty so much corti
        Damnation was never really a good ability. It was a weakened version of AoE damage that gives you a slight boost in Magic Damage. It might be useful for heavy cashers, since their damage exceeds normal levels. Damnation is only slightly good if you deal enough damage to increase your percentage damage proportionally.
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          Ty iamop