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Halidom and Artifact questions

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  • Halidom and Artifact questions

    Hi Mods,

    After you create your artifact or your halidom, is there any point to hanging on to extra soul shards, or ice spirit shards?

    Can you synth soul shards into soul cores, and ice spirit shards into ice spirit cores?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    Based on the reward adjustments for the new MPD, the answer is "there is no point to hanging on to old shards".


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      The soul or ice spirishards can be recycled to pure refinement crystals....

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        Originally posted by CJMatos View Post
        The soul or ice spirishards can be recycled to pure refinement crystals....

        where did u find that? im not finding any use for them


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          Just a guess: Make an artifact or halidom and recycle?


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            I did a second Halidom and i can't recycle or sell. Cant be remove it and now i'm stuck with it in inventory. What can I do to destroy it and to recover the space taken. Please Help.


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              yes thats a change that came with patch 6.1 i guess. you cannot sell your pieces of equipment anymore.
              but i can still recycle these items.