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Hello, I'm new. I could use a bit of guidance

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  • Hello, I'm new. I could use a bit of guidance

    Hello everyone. I've just recently started this game, and am already pretty lost in navigating the menu/hub/game-in-general.
    I hit level 22, almost 23 and haven't found where to get more equipment at yet. As well, I haven't found anyone to do a multiplayer dungeon with yet.
    Did I choose the wrong server, or is this game at the point where the only ones left are high level players?

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    Sounds like you chose the wrong server. Recommend moving to a high # server.

    You can get new equipment from solo dungeons and multiplayer dungeons, but you move past level 20-30 very quickly, so I recommend not worrying about it until at least level 35. Just use whatever you get.


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      That'll bite. I chose Emerald Sea, in the US East server. I think. Definately Emerald Sea though.
      So far, dungeon wise, I haven't done any as far as I know. I tried doing it in the Cloud City multiplayer thing, but I can't get anyone else to join me, so I haven't done any yet. I've only done the campaigns, and so far all I've been getting are gold and Daru's, from the card thing at the end. What servers would be good to try and join?


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        Either you join the newest server aviable that suits you best time-zone wise, or you join a server where you can get help from highlevels(a helpful server).


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          Campaigns are single player, so no one else can help you. They are pretty much **** for rewards, but the XP and the quest associated with it makes it worthwhile, if barely.

          But take it from the screams and the rants in this forum and do NOT invest time and money into this game. Most of us are only here because of the friends we made. In many cases, one person is controlling half-a-dozen toons, which makes it look as if the game is more populated than it actually is.

          This is a dying game, tortured and destroyed by R2.


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            I think most facebookish games are trash, but I was hoping to find a decent game in this sort of style to play.
            Why is this game dying? How do I know what servers are new? Can I transfer my character to the new server, or must I make a new one?
            My biggest issue with this game, aside from the large amount of bugs (currently in a campaign mission, and the final boss did not spawn), is how easy it is to get lost and confused about most things. I've been getting crafting materials, apparently, but have no idea what most of these things are, much less where to go for them. Vulcans hammers, crystals, Eudamon(?).. etc.


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              People are leaving in droves because the way R2 treats its players. Basically, they nerf everything and gives bugger all rewards for events. It has gotten to the point where it is impossible to get what used to be fairly standard stuff unless you pay $800 for it.

              The belief of R2 is that everyone should spend over $100,000 on the game. That is their target market. If you are not going to spend on that scale, then this game is not for you. It was better even a few months ago, where it was possible to be fairly strong even if you don't spend. Now, it is all about the dollar.


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                I don't know about most of that, all I know is that I keep getting what appears to be crafting materials non-stop, and have no idea where to go to craft it.


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                  The blacksmith is a good place to look. Anvil icon, bottom right of your screen.


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                    check your private messages smithy


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                      There's nothing of use in my private messages. Just items I can't claim because of a full inventory (50% of which is useless crafting materials). There's nothing else in my messages in game.


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                        Originally posted by Smithy_2018 View Post
                        There's nothing of use in my private messages. Just items I can't claim because of a full inventory (50% of which is useless crafting materials). There's nothing else in my messages in game.
                        private messages on this forum smithy not in game..


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                          well s12 has alot of helpful players and guilds name in game is same as here.


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                            Originally posted by Smithy_2018 View Post
                            How do I know what servers are new?
                            Go for a high server number, the higher the number the newer it is.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	imageedit_1_3716249510.png
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Size:	75.9 KB
ID:	1724064

                            You can see the newest server on US East is [S639]Howling Garden.

                            And the latest server is [S641]Howling Garden, on Europen time zone.

                            The default recommended servers will always be the new ones.

                            Also you can watch the News & Events section for new server launch (& merge as well).

                            Originally posted by Smithy_2018 View Post
                            Why is this game dying?
                            Because the publishers of the game (namely Armor Games, Kabam, Kongregate, Proficient City and R2Games in the U.S. and Europe, Koramgame in Italy) have started to treat this game as an orphan.
                            They simply do not care about this game's development, fix & improvements. Nor they care about countless players' grievances - both spenders and non-spenders alike.

                            This game started about 3 yrs. ago & the developers/publishers not only got the returns but made much profit in all this time. This game has now reached to a point, that it is mostly saturated, the player-base is decreasing; so any developments, fixes and support are practically non-existent.

                            Now they won't entertain you queries and they won't care if you were ripped off or not. They will concentrate more on the current games.

                            My only reason for disgruntlement is that the they could at least show some respect to the players, which they don't.

                            They have taken the players for granted. That's the fact. Not to mention the hideous lags, bugs, nerfs, buffs and other fiascos with game-play contents, events and characters.

                            And that's why the players are leaving like flock of migratory birds.

                            So much that it's even hard to get a team for MPD runs. Even the dungeon monsters are mocking at us now.
                            I was in Void NM for an event quest, all alone. And when I met Yaros, he said to me - "hey you alone? what's up?" I told him that the server is almost deserted and most are selling their accs and the rest are in their alt.
                            He said that he is aware of the situations and feels sorry to see the condition of this game what it has now become.
                            He is sad that in near future we won't get to see one another.

                            So that's the story.
                            The players are the blood & soul of any game & when a game loses them in such amount, it starts to die.

                            That's happening with Wartune. Once one of the most popular MMORP games, now in its twilight zone.

                            They try to rejuvenate with Archeology and such but it's a day late and a dollar short.

                            Maybe Chinese Wartune is different.

                            Noticed that Stormageddon is no more the Forum Admin now. He probably resigned. Obviously he has had enough here.

                            Btw: I'm on the Emerald Sea server, so if you need any assistance, you can contact me in-game. Also you can post here, the pundits of this forum might help you.
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                              Beware of the a/c. traders in [S624]. Besides declaring about it in the world chat, they're pm-ing almost everyone, but mostly targetting the newer players.