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[Guide] Positive Attitude to the Game

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  • [Guide] Positive Attitude to the Game

    Hello, guys.
    There are many guides about the game itself for general subjects and class-specific guides but there is no a single guide about psychology of gaming applicable to Wartune. Since I am almost 25 years old and since I am still a hard games player I have been thinking of my gaming experience (and grievances, of course) for many times, and to sum these meditations up, I have decided to create this guide and maybe to hint you how to make your Wartune playing more pleasant and to treat this activity wisely.


    This word must be the most resonant and most hated by many non-cashers. I suppose there can be a whole dissertation on this issue, but I will limit to some simple analogies.
    Let's say that life itself is a game too. All of us have different financial situations and some can afford Lamborghini and some can't afford a simple cheap car. When you are watching TV and see some famous person driving a cool car, you will hardly cry "Lol, sure, this cahser has bought everything and gives me no chance to shine on life area!" If you do, you are a very strange person. If you are not convinced, let's go further and just think about those poor African children having no food. And you are crying there that you have no money to buy gems in the game shop. Those African children would be really surprised to know about that. I am exaggerating, of course, BUT there is a sense in these analogies. If you are a kid and depend on your parents, don't get upset, one day you will be grown up too and have money to donate too If you have money but is categorically against cashing (and suffer from it), consider such possibilities:
    - donating's purpose is to get more pleasure from the game, so it's similar to having coffee in a cafe. No one, who likes cinema or cafes can blame you for donating to a browser game, you want your piece of pleasure too!
    - donating supports developers, they want money too (God, everyone wants money! Lol). So helping them, you allow them to make this game even better for you.
    - donating five-ten dollars is not such a pain in fact. And doing so you become a light casher that really can have a decent place among all chashers of the game.
    Many people take it wisely that they don't have millions of dollars and get the best from life beauties and simple joys. So take best from the game and even if you are a total non-casher, it's not levelling up and beating all top players make the game wonderful, it is...


    You may have ordinary items BUT if you are a friendly, cheerful and ready to help person, there is no doubt that everyone who has been talking to you in the game would remember you as a kind guy or girl, would be willing to chat to you again and finally you will get a nice online friends making your game experience a ture pleasure. Let's look at real life again. You may live in a hut and wear bad clothes but at the same time you may be such a wise person and leader that crowds would gather near your hut and no one would pay attention to your financial situation.


    There are always new players in any game and Wartune is not an exlusion, especially nowadays. If you have even not that big level, you are still capable to help a newbie that just don't know what is daru for and where to get it. This new player will really appreciate it and you will feel that you have been helpful for someone, even in such non-material way. (My GM Shidel was the frist person that was not irritated by my poor doing on cross-server arena and continued playing with me in one team, it was really encouraging and now if I have a small level player with me that dies fast, I just remember about my own experience and know that one day this guy will be strong too).

    Have fun

    As you may know, gaming sphere has such a sort of whishes as "GLHF" or "Good luck, have fun". And this is the essence of all gaming at all. Games are created not to make you upset but to give you pleasure, fun, interesting time spending. Battleground is the best example of this having fun. You may oppose there your best friend and won't get offended if he or she beats you, as this is a game and he or she is a friend. What a great sportsmanship, guys! For sure you will have challenges in any game, but would it be interesting after all to play a game if it has no challenges at all? So, guys, HAVE FUN and enjoy Wartune, the best brower game I've ever played (and I know what I am saying since I have been playing a huge number of games). Feel free to discuss all this but don't be rude or nervous.