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Double hit guide!?

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  • Double hit guide!?

    Is there any guide for double hit after patch? Or it is point to afk at wb's?

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    As a mage, I can still manage to take 2 actions per turn in WB, but very different from before and a full round takes a very long time. I'm told it's still very easy for archers to do almost the same exact cycle as before, but lose one action. Can't say I know any good knight cycles, sorry.


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      I am a mage. Thanks for answering.


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        I manage to do 3 double hits as a mage, if opening fight with Thunderer. Happens on 3, 5, 6 turns for me.
        On other turns I use rune after auto-attack to gain rage or Thunderer.
        Server: Armorgames Server 4 - US West.
        Class: Mage.