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    Originally posted by 696969- View Post
    anyone has any info on adv. mire, chaos or amnesia runes ?

    That i should wanna know to.
    Character - Taggen
    Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
    Class - Archer
    Battle Rating -2.4M BR
    Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
    Highest CW ranking - 26th


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      Thanks for your effort buddy!


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        Originally posted by forchizle View Post
        Mire wouldnt be OP since its basically useless mine was already lvl 8 from when it was useful so i was holding out hope for the new advanced version to be useful again since it already costed me a fortune to own in the first place and was my full rune drop point until they nerfed it into nothing. Nowhere in the game does it say that only some runes can be advanced either. R2 should have made it clear long before releasing an event to boost runes if they were only partially advancing the set. I have filed a ticket into the vast wasteland of R2 customer service along with pics of my maxed mire and my mystery runestones. Tic # 161792 . and if anyone decides they just feel all warm and fuzzy inside with some good old fashioned customer care i have another ticket over a month old which is just about thick enough for me to send to a different company that will take its concern. that ticket is 140286 and has been re-opened with a new number which i dont have infront of me .... seems they didnt feel a need to send an auto response to my re-re-re-re-re-opened ticket.
        Maybe they could change the mire, if they advance it to actually work on some things other than gods decent and necropolis. that would be a good idea i have so many ideas of runes and stuff like chaos dealing more dmg when its advanced also being able to hit more than one person xD ssame with amnesia but thats just my imagination. o.O lots of thoughs now. maybe the rage rune could reset all cds for the first time you use it and the next few times you use it with addion to adding rage it could increase dmg by like 5% just a little bit. purge and puri could rid all effects like all, there wouldnt be anything it couldnt cure as i dont see many ppl using them. there are my ideas...
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