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Revive Skill

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  • Revive Skill

    Anyone else think the revival passive should be in all ring skills and not just Star and Crescent?

  • #2
    The other ring skills start at level 1 you need level 4 i think to start getting the passive. its a shame you have to level them one after another so its going to take a few millenia to level them.


    • #3
      My ring is level 12. But the revival passive is only on the Star and Crescent skill. I think since its a passive it should be on on the skills.


      • #4
        the other skills have levels. i have level 14 ring, star & crescent currently level 9, love sheild level 2, rest level 1, from what i remember of the star and crescent it was level 4 before it got a passive.


        • #5
          So by your reckoning we wont get a passive for the Love Shield till our ring is about level 22.. and there is no guarantee that it will be the revive passive..
          I personally think once you have that passive it should apply to all skills and new passives to become add ons.


          • #6
            The lack of revive passive on the other skills limits their utility. Perhaps the devs will give us the ability to allocate points gained from leveling the ring up as we choose in a future patch. That would let us max whichever skills we feel to the the most useful and would add a new dynamic to fights since you never know what marriage ability they'll be using.