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Refining Hades and Apollo

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  • Refining Hades and Apollo

    To refine these sylphs you need star tears and sand which are easy to get in sky trail, but you also need those bird shards think they're called divinity souls. I've been told you can buy them in sylph events, but i've never seen them. Am i just missing them? I've had an Apollo and Hades ready to go for months now, but no luck. Are the divinity souls still around or have they disappeared?

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    I assume you are talking about divinity stones. You can get them in the current gift piles but only a chance. I think you can also get them in sylph expedition from the side bosses. Other than that, not sure of anywhere else. They used to have an exchange for them when the sylph events was on but like so many other things, that got nerfed and is removed, at least for now.


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      Divinity Souls are the gems for Sylph Equipment.

      Divinity Shards are what you're looking for. You can get these as clearance rewards in the side fights in Sylph Expedition up to a certain point, and you can sometimes find them for sale in Dimension Mystery Shops for regular balens. The exchange you are looking for is a hot event called Sylph Road (Exchange), which hasn't run in a few months, but hopefully will run again.

      You will need Divinity Stones later, and those are in the current gift piles in Cloud City, and in later stages of Sylph Expedition side fights, but they can also be purchased from the Guild Siege shop for Bravestones, and obtained sometimes from Dimension Sacrifice.
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        No need to buy divinity shards, you can also exchange it during slyph sepulcrum & mahra event (hot events). Just check the events consistently.