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World Boss Lag / Crash Fix

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  • World Boss Lag / Crash Fix

    There have been a lot of complaints about the World Bosses lagging or crashing. Maybe a "Hide All Players" button on the WB screen somewhere (like in Cloud City) would help resolve this issue.

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    I agree, tho this was asked many times before, i cant understand why we do not have a hide player icon, in fact i cant understan why we have to see the others players when in fact they all are togeter one over another and we barely are able to identify 4-6 players there.
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      I did this AFTER WB because pretty much everything I did MP started to lag. This has been going on since the new update. I basically uninstalled flash, then shockwave, then reboot, and install again. It is too hard for me to find adobe's saved info, so easier to just do it my way this round.

      10-15 mins with a computer reset, and knock down of useless **** in the backround.

      so far this has procured the best results.


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        totally agreed...we don wan to see other players as it is pointless