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put on your big boy/girl pants/dress (trying to cover all bases)

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  • put on your big boy/girl pants/dress (trying to cover all bases)

    So there is something ive noticed quite alot of. 1 there seems to be an abundance of people playing wartune with NO idea what the word strategy means! And 2 there also seems to be alot of people whining about how op everyone else is.... if you ask me its a bit childish. I mean honestly when your lvl 34 or in your 30s and under and your whining about getting your butt kicked by someone else... the answer is simple... put a lid on it. And the it im refering to is that hole that keeps spewing stuff no one wants to listen to!!! My name in game is kelanor in game i play a mage and ive looked at all the skill trees and they seem to be balenced sorta. From the design of the skills it would seem that fighters were the ones designed to be able to continuously fire of skills at their base rage gain at lvl 34 is 10 passives only with no skills and archers are 6 passives only no skills with eithet one of those and say... o idk the lvl 20 pvp set thats 11-20 (depending on build) points of rage per attack which can make anyone a skill spammer in 2-3 turns. And an easy solution if your consistantly getting your but kicked is pretty easy. Stop lvling. Thats right stop the leveling. Lvl all your academy skills and such. Reroll your gear and get your guild skills up. This game is good and more importantly this game is in beta. And this unbeatable mage trio can be beat by a knight tank trio or an archer crit dps trio. Just take a lil and think. Please
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