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New event idea

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  • New event idea

    New week-long event - The Tides of Lag

    Maintenance to fix the lag and major bugs within the game and client.

    Random free boxes that drop the usual **** called Bug, chance to drop a box that costs 25 balens to open called Lag.

    39 balens in Hot Shop for boxes that drop casher **** called Bugfix.

    Throw in some events that give a few free boxes for more casher ****.

    Just wanna see the spam; 'Congratulations to so-and-so for receiving item from a Bugfix.'

    Let's do it up.
    Name: Phoenixia
    Server: R2 S-319
    Class: Mage
    BR: 911k
    Last CW Ranking: Didn't participate
    Cupcakes? R2 can keep them, I want rumcakes.