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New feature for 3.2 perhaps?

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  • New feature for 3.2 perhaps?

    So this idea came to me when I was so bored, I was staring at the amount of bound balens I had. Frankly, I'm just a no go with luck, but the guy I'm engaged to in Wartune on the server S521 (Yes, I mean Nypen Forest) is a casher, and can afford wings. The only problem is, there isn't a method to give people the stuff they want. And also, I am growing rather suspicious about one thing. Before version 2.1, I noticed that an Auction House feature was coming soon that would allow people to sell any unwanted items to other people who DID need it, but after version 2.1 came, the Auction House was removed for the version of Wartune I am using. I think it would be a good idea to bring back the Auction House feature, as I have heard it is in another version of Wartune, and proving to be successful. Just a suggestion, I understand if you can't proceed with the Auction house, but it could always be kept in your mind in case you do.

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    the 3.2 is alreyd created for year ago, and is alredy complete becouse them get patch frome China 7 Roads.

    if you wanna bring any ides you need include that into patch 4+ or what the patch now become in China.
    R2Games Wartune Kabam etc dosent make any stuff to the game.
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      Ahh the auction house. It has been in Wartunes since the begining, but proficient city and R2 games have made a statement a very long time ago that it will NEVER come to the game.


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        Any system where players can exchange items is easily exploited by players.
        This would allow people to trade real money for setting some items on sale at given time for low price for someone else.
        They would really need to work a lot to make it unable to be exploited and they've already failed at so many other features. I doubt they would want to spend so much time for so little gain and a threat of not receiving a penny for in-game sales.


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          If pepole can get items so easly , they will not spend balens to get them any more , and every idea who cause lost of balens will never get implammed !
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