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VIP Rip-Off

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  • VIP Rip-Off


    I thought I could get free VIP for ever but it is only begin of game I get VIP.

    And now wartune wants to charge me money for making VIP EVRY MONTH. SO this becomes a monthly subscription game like world of warcraft?


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    VIP is a monthly subscription, yes. The game itself is free to play.
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      Do you know what VIP means? If everyone get VIP, then no point calling it VIP.
      If you are a very dedicated player and want it that bad, level 30 fishing will get you 1-hr VIP.
      You'll find a lot of things tempting, doesn't mean you have to buy it. A lot of players are non-VIP.
      This game give you free tasting, doesn't mean it's rip-off. That's business for you.
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        its a F2P2W game
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