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Mount Exchange Event ??

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  • Mount Exchange Event ??

    Will there ever be a Mount Exchange Event ??
    Still have 2 Ostrich Cards and 1 Underworld Steed Card that i already have.

    And then rewards with:
    Hoofs, Whips and Gold.

    P.S. Dont have too be only these 2 Mounts also others that ppl got double.
    Ppl that have double Mounts still saved post there names here and lets hope they will react too this.

    Just want too do away with them they are taking up space and dont want too do them away for such a low amount off gold.

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    You can recycle them for mount spirit too... not just sell them
    Archer ~ 490k+ Battle Rating ~ Level 80 ~ Main sylph gold hercules


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      You can give me that Underworld Card! XD
      Obsidian, Lv80 Crit Mage (R2-S112)

      Retired, but still lurking forums.