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Level 40 troops for Knight class

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  • Level 40 troops for Knight class

    As a level 40 Knight should I go with knights or angels as my troop type?

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    I'm a lvl 50 knight, and I prefer angels over knights, just so it helps increase survivability. Downside to it: they sometimes heal instead of dps in world boss, which mans a loss of gold/daru. But in BG, you can easily understand their importance: they heal lowest health target. So I can basically stay alive a whole BG, getting MVP and not even having to use star points to heal myself. I find them useful in high catacomb floors (past floor 50, you'll understand soon enough). I'm stuck at floor 80 at the moment, and I guess the only knight on the server past floor 60, so I guess angels is a good choice for you. But again, some may think knight troops can be better for different and good reasons
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      Well I am a 44 Knight, 20k Br..20k hp.. I went Angels.. My angels are Level 40, with 740 Troopcount

      For a knight:
      knight troops will perform better on world boss hands down.. should be able to take two hits from wb at L33 or L34 with a decent Troop Count ~650 or so, and they add damage to the wb

      Angels will perform better for you in the arena, and in battleground... for angels to to be able to withstand 2 hits from wb, thy need to be L36+ with Troop count 700+, my angels just stand and heal themselves on wb, but do provide a 4 turn buffer total,, bottom line angels suck really hard on world boss

      I don't see much difference in the Catacombs on my knight running angels and a fellow guild mates similar knight running knights, although the angels are supposed to perform better there.

      So pick , which you you want to be stronger in.

      As a foot note, My angels have Troop Pdef =40, Mdef =40, Matk =40, Troop =37, Troop Hp=30 as techs from the academy.

      I hope this helps some what.
      AvaMarie on Brethrean Abyss

      Opps I posted this with my L35 archer account < LoL>
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        Personally hands down the angels are a better pick for the knight. They have a pretty high matk which offsets our weakness. I face off against knights who have knights and I usually win those fights unless that player is very powerful. Throw in the healing and hands down angels are better for knights. Again just my opinion.

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          Thanks everyone, I was leaning towards angels for MATK and healing to offset my PATK but didn't want to waste a lot of daru to find out.


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            well they are both defensive in a sence.. what do you think would be the better pic for mage?
            i hear knight.


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              may i ask how high is the heal of the angel? getting 40 soon and cant decide whether to pick angel or knight
              im a knight by the way


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                On MY L45 Knight with L41 angels; they usually heal 1800 to 2200 per heal, and average 2k heals . (when Healing themselves)

                If you are a Knight with L2 Divine Blessing (20%heal boost), they average 2400 per heal, and can crit heal 4k or so, But that is fairly rare. (When Healing Me)

                Ava Marie, Bretheran Abysss

                *** As a foot note , since Yesterday's patch my angels actually attack world bosses now, that's new <LoL>.. Before they just stood and healed them selves at Full health,, But knight troops would still be the preferred choice on WB
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                  2433: To answer you question "what do you think would be the better pic for mage?"

                  From my BG and Arena Experience: I would say this in GENERAL
                  For best PVP Performance:

                  Mages: Choose knights
                  Knights: Choose Angels
                  Archer: Can go either way and do well.

                  I say this in general terms from many, many battles, and yes I know there are strong players not fitting this description and Kuddos to them xD

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