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Request for new server time line. GMT +8

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  • Request for new server time line. GMT +8

    SEA players (like me) is having sleepless night just to participate on world events.
    At most time i cant play Team Arena. 2am in the morning. =(

    For those who would like to get updates/feedback on this please comment so does the game moderator
    can consider this request.

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    Look at these threads;

    Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon
    At the moment we do not have authorization to open a server for Asian time zones.
    Helpful Links

    Something wrong or suspicious when talking to a Game Master/Moderator? Check here for the current .

    If you want a guide or a reference (stats) just pm me and I will be happy to make on for you.
    Taking a bit of a break as well, kinda sick at the moment.

    Moderators Be Thou for the People.
    -Kind Regards V
    -What's left in the not always what you wish for!


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      yeah high time to have that