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Level of Dragon?

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  • Level of Dragon?

    Earlier today I unlocked class advancement. I received a brief message saying I leveled to 6 with something to do with dragon after getting some experience. Does anyone have more information/details on this?

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    it's just your new lvl rank. it's how 80 are ranked now instead of total exp.
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      Yep, the Exp from now on is decreased for u since u need small amount of it in the begining. the titles are 10 and every title has 10 lvls so u need each title to put more dragon soul like if u got title 1 u can put in dragon soul first point and then next title (after lvling 10 times) u get to put in the 2nd slot of dragon soul etc..
      and ofc it comes with new skills and u get skill point each time u lv up i guess.also u can advance ur maxed runes and there is new soul crystal which is advanced but not yet released and new astral slot ofc beside the one u get from lv 80.. idk if i covered all but thats all i know for now as i am not even lv 80
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      Class: Critical Knight
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        Do I receive less experience now that I have leveled my rank?


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          i dont think you get less exp, i didnt notice at least. basically its just another 80 "advanced" lvls. every 10 lvls your title "dragon something.." and the symbol next to your name changes.And every few lvls you unlock something like 1 more skillpoint or 1 more upgradable astral slot