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How much rage should I be starting with? Clothing question

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  • How much rage should I be starting with? Clothing question

    I don't think I am starting out with enough rage as I should be. My hat is level 2, armor is level 3, and weapon is level 2. I start out with 23 rage. Shouldn't it be more than that? I am using the legendary 50 equipment set and the legendary 40 ring set.

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    There are 3 things that give you starting rage: clothing, high level medallions, and arena armor sets (35, 45, and 55 gear from arena shop). You get nothing from the 50 set, legendary or otherwise, and same with the rings & jewels. The game has been giving away a lot of clothing lately, though, so it won't take you too long to upgrade to level 3s and 4s. All level 4 is 33 starting rage, which is pretty decent for most situations.


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      Hello, level 2 clothing gives you 7 rage and a level 3 clothing gives you 9 rage. So with that said you have two level 2's and a level 3 piece which comes out to be 23 rage since you are running with 50 gear and it doesn't give you any rage benefit. So yes MrFancyPants sums this up pretty well


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        Go for level 6 clothing since its the top current prize from tailor events. Abuse the wilds shops 40 wilds items for a piece of clothing as a rare find, and the cheap good luck charms there. Might be best to hold off on level 7 clothing unless your a knight going for first turn AOE or apollo in PVE.