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World Boss idea

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  • World Boss idea

    Good idea for me is make in World Boss battle option "hide players" like in Cloud City. Lags will be not so big for sure with this option.

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    Originally posted by Visegard View Post
    Good idea for me is make in World Boss battle option "hide players" like in Cloud City. Lags will be not so big for sure with this option.
    Thank you for your suggestion,I think I have seen this before,and I personally think it would be a good idea.
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      would be great in amethyst too
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        why not have options to change and have options hide all players, hide players except for guilds, hide players except when in party. Hide players that are attacking ward tower since you cannot actually battle those might make it bit easier with spawning as the lag can be really bad. Have an option to show all players if you want too.

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          Generally, multiplayer games are meant to have you see other players when playing on the server, which is why they mostly have world chats and let you see other players while playing. I know that they limit somewhat just how many players are shown at a time (you can see this during amethyst mine more reasonably) but a lot of players still want the option to never see other players when running the game. Primarily lag is cited as a reason they wish to not see each other... (unless you guys are all really just antisocial??)

          Lag options to make it a little better... are few and far between and unless you want to get a high end computer (you can check the rating on your own processor here and test your whole system here to see how you rate against others) then you're stuck just making sure your own system is running as good as it can, because there hasn't been any magical fixes coming from the devs as of yet.

          So, first make sure you're using the most up to date flash player which just updated again today for me... Second, ensure your browser is running smoothly, you'll have to google fixes for your own browser as there's really a lot you can do to speed that up. Refresh your browser and game before world boss to clear the flash memory leaks that are inherent in every flash game, and worse in ones like wartune that use so many renders.

          Thirdly, consider running a browser extension like this one for chrome or (you'll have to search for other browsers on google if they have something similar)

          Some players swear by the miniclient if you want to check if that works for you as well... but be sure your computer is running smoothly. (and consider upgrading if it is older, or low memory)

          But yeah, this suggestion has made it to the pro team before, as to if the devs will implement it, that is still to be seen.