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Gamers view. Thoughts and Problems.

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  • Gamers view. Thoughts and Problems.

    First of all, hi everyone.
    The spark for making this thread was, what else, the upcoming HoF but exist and some others 'thoughts' all this time about the game itself.
    First things first, EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE gamer in this game knows very very well that the game exist cause lots of gamers pays. Heavy cashers, light cashers, now and then cashers, BUT exist some issues wich is at least not fair for the 90% of the ppl who spend time in this game. I will try to name them with my side of view and i hope many others do the same.
    So lets start it.

    1) Hall of Fame event is way to much unfair for 90% of gamers, and that cant be good. Exist gamers who actulaly pay day by day for almost 3 years now........ and is out of HoF big prizes. You have to reconsider this SOON.

    2)Gods descend event is infair also, why, cause only the first killer gets a tear fro refine Sylphs. I think will be better for everyone to have the oportunitu to get that tears easyer. Fix it or give us one more source for tear shards. Sky wall drops cant help anyone as it is right now.

    3)Wilds Shop and Shop, i think that it will be more profitable for developers to have more steed options in this MAIN pages, for example in the shop still exist wildfire steed, probably none needs it anymore, make it cheeper or at list try something like rotating the steeds in this pages with steeds of older events. i think that razor dragon in the wilds shop will be there for the next couple of years. Nothing stable can trigger the desire of a gamer to spend cash or time.

    4)Divinity shards, im wantering how something like this can be fair in the first place when someone called to pay lots to get a new and rare Sylph and to refine it must pay 10 times, or worse, the same amount of money just to refine it. And all this for what? Apollos or Hades didn't have in top (Orange Color) ranks much better stats than the rest (free) sylphs with same color ranking.

    This is all i can remember atm.

    P.S Its free for everyone to say his opinion also or add other opinions or questions, actually im begging you to do it as many as you can, cause is this only way someone to hear us.......... AT LEAST.

    P.S 2 tyvm for your time.

    Mage 210k br
    S166 Bloodstone
    S166 BloodStone
    MAGE 76lvl 130613 BR
    Welcome to the fire land.
    Sylphs. A.Q, Hades, Iris, Pan, Gaia......... by this order.

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    1) Hall of Fame
    mentioned like thousands of times not gonna repeat

    2)Gods descend
    1st kill, well I don't see problems here, it is a casher event anyway

    3)Wilds Shop and Shop
    Wild Shop I am very satisfied with this as it solves my daru problem
    Mystery Shop, now I even lazy to refresh every 4 hours, maybe they should add some attractive item like divinity shard/apollo/hades

    4)Divinity shards
    Their choice to pay for divinity shards, no one force them
    and evolve hades, I can tell you it is very OP, hercules can't compare (don't talk about 1vs1, I mean the general situation), athena....well still good outlook lol
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    Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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      I have never seen b4 so surface reaction for a matter, serious or not. Every opinions is welcome anyways.
      S166 BloodStone
      MAGE 76lvl 130613 BR
      Welcome to the fire land.
      Sylphs. A.Q, Hades, Iris, Pan, Gaia......... by this order.


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        Hall of fame is just one pretty lame event, we had a few awesome gem events, one even giving event boxes, the old fashion events were pretty good as well, giving everyone the change to get some chests in the clothing events, even free wings.

        Not to mention the whip event giving out tons of good stuff as well.

        I dont really get why everyone is so upset about the HoF, its not that the rewards are that great even when you do get something.

        Oh and for the rest, Gods descent is just a monthly thing to check how my toon is improving, or not ofcourse.
        I end up top 10, not the best rewards, still better then no event.

        Wilds shop is great.
        Haven' t bought anything ever from market, so don't even bother to check.
        Main price, the mire rune became useless anyway.

        As much as i hate the low drop rate for divinity shards, it is good as it is, eventually ill get enough for my pets.
        I'd like to have something to work at, rather then having no goals and just lemming everything every day.