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    why do they show up on a 2+ year old server w/ declining population?
    shouldnt they be more active on those "newer" servers?
    R2 s116 Red Realm + (s113-s119) + (s126-s129-s132-s135) + (s72-s75-s78-s84-s88-s91)

    IGN : Illyasviel
    Class : Archer
    Guild : •OneŽ•
    LvL : 80
    Sylph : Zeus, Hecate, Poseidon
    BR : over 9000!!!

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    Mentors are sent to both young and old servers. In newer servers, our bullhorns give tips to newer players, and older are more 'reminders', and just posts to let people know we are present. People from both young and old servers can experience problems. We can troubleshoot through issues, or if we can't help, can point players in the right direction. If players have posted tickets that have not been answered, we can forward those numbers to our G Ms to give them a bit of a 'bump' along. We're there to help in short. If you don't need it, a friendly hello is always welcome, or you can just ignore us You never know.. some of us may have some chocolate cake to share

    Have a nice day
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      thumbs up for the mentors
      - hoyle has some really awesome card games