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flame temple

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  • flame temple

    often i do 3000 honor daily in 2 ft. i not receive any message that i've maxed the honor and i lose only honor. i could understand in bg that i could leave. in ft i must stay for try to gain more soul seals and get final rewards.

    should be nice receive a vip9 in ft when you have maxed the honor. will be fair with free players strong that have already maxed his honor.

    against vip:

    no one. we not gain rewards , then which be a problem? you can fight always 15 vs 15 without see ft that will become empty because freeplayer go afk in his spawn for not lose honor after have maxed it and ppl not leave ft.
    every hero has his hamster!

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    would be nice indeed, temple isn't about honor but winning side.
    RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
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      yeah. i need only lasts 2600 honor for maxed it. i not would lose a day over 3000 honor when i've maxed it only for try to get more soul seals.
      every hero has his hamster!