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    Unless you want all of the matches to end up in a tie, I do not know if there is really any way to fix this. Type A personalities will always clash.


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      Originally posted by R27560757SpeeDHunter View Post
      may i join and share my opinion?
      first, those 40k br are level 39s, this only proves that matching is level-based and can easily get to diamond. my theory works
      i also want to improve/change the matching but i havent seen a good suggestion so far, there are too many complications.

      as the time goes on, i just realized that this is a PVP game, someone has to win and someone has to lose, its only natural.
      if all teams just want to win. i dunno if you can call that arena.
      i can tell you or anyone who wants to know how those players and you could get to diamond every week, but in pm


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        Originally posted by Mentor_Alex View Post
        I would love to see some more info about this.
        Since the matchmaking system has not been made official,it's hard to predict how it works.
        Also,I would like to see your opinion on what "fair" means.
        I agree it's nice to fight opponents you can beat,but if let's say this changes your way,then you would only face teams you can beat.Would it be also considered fair for those teams?
        And in the next case,let's say you are 50k br,and in consequence to a changed matchmaking system,you will be able to get all wins,or almost.Would it be fair to the 450k+ BR players that you are put in the same league with them?
        From my point of view,"fair" has started to have personal influence regarding this issue.
        I am always game for changes,but you will need to suggest something that could work,not just state a change.
        This is a suggestion forum,and this topic is missing the suggestion part.
        I welcome everyone to come chip in with their opinions though.
        Take care.

        so battlegrounds work in *0-*9 brackets, and arena has worked in *0-*4 / *5-*9 brackets, and has seemed to work fine.. also.. ive noticed that the higher level in the team changes % of matchmaking opponents (meaning if all are within a 60-64 bracket, most opponents will show that have a 60-64 person in the enemy group, if someone has 3 in the group within 60-64 and the 4th is a 70-74 there is a chance to have enemies of the higher bracket due to the higher level) not hard to control really, considering camping helps control the ebb and flow of arena.


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          Originally posted by Kravet View Post
          Maybe use average total br in the groups, you realy think it is fun to figth some op players?
          agreed, matching by BR would help a lot.. but not as much as it would in battlegrounds... win or lose u gain in arena.... 1 loss in battlegrounds could ruin someones whole day.


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            To add to what I said, before. Perhaps the problem is not in the programming, but in a lack of participation. Any matching you install is not going to work well if there are only two teams to choose from. Perhaps it would be better to limit the event to thirty minuites instead of two hours. I would like to see the data you collected that proves the number of participating teams remains constant throughout the entire event.
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              Ther's my advice to solve your arena matching probleme , if the it's close to 20 secondes restart , worked for my guildies .
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                That's the thing -- No one "loses" anything. What I've noticed is that you can lose matches all day for every day of the week, and can still make Gold Group before it resets. Better yet, losing would imply that you "lost" something, but in actuality, you simply gain less. You never go into the Negatives which would've justified a loss. A real lost is losing a battle in BG with Crusader+ ranking, as your honor actually goes in the Negatives. In GA, everyone gains something regardless if they defeated their opponent or not. In the end, those who "lose" something are those with an ego that just won't quit, LOL. Gain some humility, people. Learn that in this world, even online, money gets you to the horizon faster, you simply have to be patient for your part of the ride. ^_-


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                  I have thought about this a little more, and maybe this is not going to be the best received idea. In the real world, there are some sports competitions where you have to pay an "Entry Fee" in order to participate. Perhaps, the arena could be divided into levels, and either as a player, or as a team, you must pay that fee to participate at that level. That fee could be either Balens, or Gold.