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Add loads of things...

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  • Add loads of things...

    Most important: Make a new european server, u haven't made one since 2 weeks ago,
    1. Please add 2nd evolution of sylphs,
    2. Make some easier way to find mahras (for non-cashers),
    3. Add hide button at world boss like you did on sylph atoll boss,
    4. Pls add something already or delete,
    5. Add more events that will be easier for non-cashers to get rewards (i cry when i see big spender event and rewards from it ),
    6. Add another section for fate stones (loads of players have problems with them),
    7. Add Soul Crystal → Soul Seal converter,
    8. Add more levels of gems (like: Advanced level 12 gem) or gem fusion (HP gem + Matk gem → MATK/Hp gem by that i mean 1 gem two stats (every gem can have only 2 effects)),
    9. Wilds for level 60, level 70 and level 80 (to small map = little amount of mobs)...

    If i missed something please write in reply then i will make thread about our problems with hoping that some mentor will see
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    1. comming soon, its in china.
    2. actually the current patch with dimensional war seems to give mahra (the extra chest once you beat the last stage)
    3. would be nice
    4. thats common here, get used to it:P
    5. you know your first idea is sth for cashers mainly? or atleast first. this idea kinda rule the first one out:P besides the rest of the game is free.
    6. actually no, with latest patch of 4 vs 4 arena, its quite easy to get fate stones from arena shop.
    7. wont happen, soul seal is a way of r2 to make profit. they wont convert them. how well would this be when ppl with few 100k sc (they are common) would convert them.
    8. comes in future (dual gems)
    9. should do that imo