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Best campaign to blitz in hero mode

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  • Best campaign to blitz in hero mode

    Has anyone gone through and found out what the best campaign to blitz under 60 is as far as the most amount of gold. So for the best one I have found is Blood Moorland, which gives up to 390k. But what I don't get is when you blitz it 3 times, 2 of those times you will get 350k+ and tjhe 3rd time you will get 150k gold. Why does it vary so much?

    Also, I would not mind giving up some gold to get more stuff like kyanite. I found one dungeon that gives 11k kyanite.

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    most likly the random factors of the "chests" in the dungeon. for what is best, I can't tell you


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      I run Blood Moorland for gold, although not really need, but I am curious on the 11k Kyanite o.o I have yet to encounter that.