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  • wartune

    why isn't there higher mines than 60 for gold why not 80s or advanced mines where you can get rare items from them like 80 stones mahara stuff to in prove battle rating

  • #2
    you going to make 90 dungeons for those elite players that can kill most everything should make gear to lvl90 too maybe futureisitc since you got dimesnaionl stuff in the game now


    • #3
      would be nice to make it little easier for people to get purple and gold slphys or at least have a bundle so people can get a lot of mahara in like dragon invasion to help out


      • #4
        need to make guild skills higher to lvl 20 the advanced guild skills to lvl40


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          and make tree time higher too to easy to max it out and get gold and dragon essence when you do tree for a week straight with out missing anyone off them


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            single post would have been useful:P

            ok here goes:
            1. the mines are based on the map you're in. erandel is the last one ranging from 51-60. mines fit according to that map. why not higher map? no clue. gold of mines is useless, if you need gold from mines you're doing sth wrong. at lv 80 you can easily get enough gold from wb or di. better mine wont make any difference. other stuff like mahra and 80 stones? enough places to get items like this which improve br, so it doesntadd much value to the game.
            2. future holds red equipment as upgrade i think of 80 set, not sure how to obtain that.
            3. this is a p2w game, therefore chances are likely to increase mahra droprate in the future. in fact dimensional maps and new jewel hunt boxes give quite some mahra, so they already did that. no clue what you mean with 2nd part.
            4. adv skill: will be added in the future, no clue when.
            5. tree higher? unless youre on an old dieing server its hard to increase it. ppl are less active on farms and will slowly stop upgrading it. again gold wont make difference i think (unless you want like 3m+ from a week straigth tree, which willnever happen.) some consecutive rewards could be nice.

            if i wasnt lazy i would post a link for ya to the news and hot events section to check for nr. 2 and 4


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              how about giving us a different mount for amethyst most of us got other one we got a fish on how about a octopuss one or a new zeus slphy there has to bee one much stronger than the rest


              • #8
                how about a metallic slphy that would be cool he uses molting metal for attacks


                • #9
                  sorry just thought of a real cool thing how about you can find parts of slphys in dungeons and when you find all the parts you need you make ultimate slphy stronger than all the rest with advanced attacks instead of common ones