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    they removed the free holy forge materials from the jewel hunt...and brought back the jewel hunt shards for the stupid mount...gz for once again...gz...
    Originally posted by TheVictorious
    Is this "soon" like additional spot in farm or homestead? :P
    Originally posted by PunkPetal
    Did same to me, is embarrassing when u tthrow everything but the kitchen sink, and they sit casting rof
    Originally posted by EdGrr
    A life of frustration is inevitable for any player whose main enjoyment is winning and staying at the top.
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    well... they did fulfil the wishes of some players:P

    be careful what you wish for:P


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      Yes Congratulation, We Have Just Lost An Invaluable Jewel Hunt Chest Item, I Hope All Your Whinning Was Worth It, And You Choke On Your Temp Mounts bc The br Aint Worth It Needless To Say i Will not Be Cashing Jewel Hunt Anymore... :/
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        I can see why people would be mad over this. People were saving the shards for the mount, then R2 goes and gets rid of them. So the players sell them thinking they are gone for good. Then just a couple weeks later, R2 brings the shards back. It's like the company is trying to make people quit. That is why I learned long ago to never get rid of anything of this nature.