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charisma and astral choice

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  • charisma and astral choice

    is there anywhere that says how much bonus the Charisma gives to troops?
    currently have Deflection Lv5, Goddess Blessing Lv5, and Enhanced Blessed Health Lv5. Lv39 Archer. Trying to choose between Illusion and Pristine Charm. please advise

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    iam interested too


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      1 charm = 1 troop so 20 charm will give you 20 troops more

      troop count increases you units hp and formula is like this troop hp * troop count / 200 = troop hp in duels, campains, any where you can see them

      its like this if your troops have 3k hp and your troop count is 500 then their hp is = 7500hp if you get troop count to 600 then is = 9000hp so for 100 troop count more you boost their hp for 1500hp

      their atack and deff is the same, troop count dont boost that only hp