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Forum game master, are they really a GM?

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  • Forum game master, are they really a GM?

    I doubt that forum GM know what event will come up (they used to, but I doubt they do now)
    From what I've seen so far, forum GM like Emma, Helen or whoever it is post an event after the said event going live on oceanic server.
    This way, player from oceanic server has no idea of what event will coming next.
    And by looking from these "GM" post, some idea came into my mind that these GM post new events after checking the new events at oceanic server.
    Conclusion is, maybe they are just a regular player that have red name like those forum mod that have blue and green name.
    I wish I'm wrong.
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    gm should be employeer of r2 if im correctly, emma's forum name is r2 emma if im correctly. the reason why events are posted late is because the r2 isnt the developer of the game but it rents the game from the developer. so they are depending on information from developer. Also they are person with a life, so it could be that they are sleeping when they get the information of next event.

    though imo it should be released earlier