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They should nerf the gaurdian rune

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  • They should nerf the gaurdian rune

    I will admit the guardian rune is great for a squishy mage and an archer but it places knights at an disadvantage. For those who wanna argue about the duration between em, yes the shield lasts 5 turns (but can be destroyed and purged) and the appolo shield last 4 turns (it can be purged), while the guardian rune only lasts 2 turns (it cant be taken away and at max lv can be cast more that both shield and appolo shield in a single fight due to cool downs) Side note: (mars will is useless 1v1). I've done some testing with those who have the guardian rune they have it advanced lv1 when i use my sylph's delphic i usually do 110k-150k damage when they don't cast the rune but when they do cast i'm only doing 3k-5k damage. Not completely sure about the % but i believe it suppose to block about 50% at advance lv1 but as u can see from the damage i'm doing u can clearly see its more like 90% damage reduction. I'm not saying it should be removed or given to knights but to simply nerf it by that i mean decrease the damage reduction % and increase the duration from 2 turns to 3-5 turns.